Story Artist Cinzia Angelini speaks about MILA in Cinecittà Studios – Rome 8/04/2015
Story Artist Cinzia Angelini speaks about MILA in Cinecittà Studios – Rome 8/04/2015

I’m back!

In these days of April, Cinzia Angelini ( is visiting Rome to talk about her past/present work experience and WIP of the animated short “Mila” (,   her personal  and independent project , which involved about 150 artists from 25 countries.

The event at the Cinecittà Studios was a good opportunity to meet both Cinzia and a part of the ‘Italian Mila Team, since until now we only had contacts via email or Skype.

What to say? An awesome and exciting meeting, indeed.
Cinzia continues to prove to be a simple person although she is a Star with capital S (albeit perhaps only among the experts), a tireless professional and versatile artist who has certainly brought a breath of fresh and “international” air on our italian freelance artists desktops.

All the guys of the Italian team are very young (me too came on! I’m only 32 😀 !) but already bearers of enormous talent. I shared with them the joys and sorrows of our job,  dreams in our minds, the pleasure of working with Mila and the opportunity to expand our professional network with renowned personalities in the world of animation and entertainment.

Finally, I am grateful to Cinzia for giving me the opportunity to speak to the participating audience about the work done by me so far for the end credits.

Thanks Cinzia, thanks Mila Italian Team and thanks to A.S.C.





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