Story Artist Cinzia Angelini meets IED students – Rome 10/04/2015
Story Artist Cinzia Angelini meets IED students – Rome 10/04/2015

Mila Tour in Rome stopped over at European Institute of Design (IED).


Cinzia Angelini spoke about her professional experience from Amblimation (1994) till the most recent collaborations at Illumination Entertainment and at Dreamworks (2013-2015).

Another not to be missed occasion for me. A particular one occasion. Effectively I attended the IED in the period 2003- 2006, and since then I have always thought of returning there just to remember the good time of those years. For various reasons I always forgot to do that. So I killed two birds with one stone taking part in the conference of Cinzia and spend some time there in IED.

Another intense afternoon.

The hall was crowded with young students. Cinzia spoke for over two hours guiding the audience through her filmography and his collaborations over the years. For about 10 minutes she has also performed a pitch demo using her Kung Fu Panda DVD Specials storyboard frames, receiving the applause of the amused audience .

All for now, stay tuned!




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