Fumetti Dirompenti…CRACK! 2015
Fumetti Dirompenti…CRACK! 2015

CRACK!  Fumetti Dirompenti (or, if you like, “Disruptive Comics”).


Rome, June 25 – 28, 2015. I was there to support my friends of 56 Fili & Co. serigraphy (www.56fili.com) with some live sketches and especially with a lot of slices of pizza! (am I right Flo?) 😀

“CSOA Forte Prenestino” has always fascinated and surprised me in a positive way. A breath of creativity and mental freedom, far from urban conformism. A beautiful location where you can meet new people ( still too weird for my taste but not less pleasant ) , of all kinds and of all races . Attached to the wall you can see a painting created by me and Florian on the occasion of this event: The Heart . Flo asked me to leave my personal mark in their cell . And so I did !

Thanks Flo, thanks Arturo!



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